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CNS Prince, whom God has graciously entrusted with the vision of the Midnight Commanders Prayer Network, is an enterprising preacher, teacher, revivalist, author, intercessor and prophetic vessel significantly used in the areas of healing, deliverance and spiritual warfare. His determination to see souls saved and lives transformed through the accurate unveiling of the person of Jesus Christ has taken him to minister in Africa, North America and the Middle East in conferences and crusades. He has also pastored churches in Africa and the United States. His ministry is consistently blessed with accurate prophetic, signs, wonders and miracles. He is noted for his powerful insights which make the Word of God come alive, and which inspire and impart the capacity for a deeper, victorious and extraordinary walk with Christ.

Pastor Prince, as he is fondly called, is immensely grateful to be a husband, a father, and most undeservedly, a servant of God.




About the Midnight Commanders

We are a community of believers who are passionate for a deeper and more intimate acquaintance with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our heart’s cry is to know him, become more like him, manifest his love and power to a hurting world; and serve him through passionate, prophetic and strategic intercession.


We are called Midnight Commanders because we employ the strategy of midnight prayer to contend for and catalyze revival; and to release and establish the purposes of God in the earth (Matt 6:10). The midnight hour is the gate as well as the womb of the day. Unknown to many, it is a time of intense spiritual activity and battles which not only shape the course and events of the day, but also influence certain outcomes in the destinies of individuals, families and nations. As spiritual watchmen (Is 62: 6), our assignment is to occupy the gate, shut out the enemy and enforce the will of God.

Do you desire a dynamic and a flaming prayer life? Do you want to be transformed through intimacy with God? Do you crave for a more effective and influential prayer altar that God can count on to stir up an awakening in the land and birth souls into the kingdom? Do you want to command supernatural results in prayer? Then Midnight Commanders is just the right group for you. Join us in this wonderful adventure of pursuing Jesus, and becoming potent end time battle axes and weapons of war in God’s hands.



Igniting revival by mobilizing and engaging in strategic prayer.

Transforming lives through a deeper connection with God.


To make every home a house of prayer by raising spiritual champions through the teaching and activation of passionate, prophetic and strategic prayer  skills.

Tenfold Power of Midnight Prayer

Midnight prayer is unarguably one of the most powerful spiritual warfare tools available to the believer. The reasons are not far-fetched:

  1. Midnight ( that is, between the hours of 11pm and 3am) is regarded as the most spiritually active period of the day. This is the time witchcraft activity is at its peak. “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way” (Matt 13: 25). Midnight is therefore a strategic time to frustrate the enemy,  undo his works and establish deliverance for individuals, families and nations.
  2. Midnight is the gate of the new day. In the Old Testament, gates were places of proclamation, transaction, decision and judgement.  Whoever took possession of the gate of a city controlled the city. Similarly, whoever controls the gate of the day influences what happens during the course of the day. By praying at midnight we ensure that our day is covered in prayer.  

The Bible speaks about commanding the morning (Job 38:12).  The wisdom behind this principle is that the midnight period is the womb of the new day. Psalm 65;8 (AMPC) speaks of… “The places where morning and evening have birth…”  We therefore command the day by planting words or God-given instructions into the womb of the day. These words cause the circumstances and events of the day to come into alignment with God’s will for our lives (Rom 8:28).

  1. At midnight man is at his weakest, while demonic powers are at their strongest. It is said that a lot of patients die in hospitals at this time because the immune system is at its lowest. When you awake to pray at midnight, you are exchanging your vulnerability for the awesome strength of the Holy Spirit to demolish the strongholds of the enemy (Is 40:31).
  2. David knew the power of midnight prayer. He said, “At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee…” Midnight prayer is a sacrifice that shows  earnestness and intensity of hunger for God and desperation for his intervention in your life.
  3. Samson uprooted the gates of the enemy at midnight (Judges 16:3). Midnight is a strategic time of warfare to uproot satanic hindrances and obstacles.
  4. Ruth found favor at midnight (Ruth 3:8). The greatest wealth transfer in the Bible took place when God gave favor at midnight (Ex 12:36). Midnight prayer releases  extraordinary favor.
  5. While in jail, Paul and Silas engaged in midnight prayer resulting in deliverance at four levels:  the foundations of the prison were shaken, all the doors were opened, everyone’s chains were loosed and the keeper of the prison became converted (Acts 16:25). Midnight prayer brings all-round breakthrough.
  6. God uses the midnight hour to accomplish strategic purposes. His plan to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt after 430 years of slavery was executed at midnight (Ex 11:4, 12:29). The bridegroom shall return at midnight (Matt 25:6).
  7. God often speaks in the quiet of the night (Dan 2:19). Midnight is a period of open heavens. It is a great time to wait on God for a download of ideas, insights and revelations. David said, “I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search”(Ps 77:6).
  8. When we crucify the flesh by staying awake at midnight to pray, our sacrifice greatly empowers our spirit. One night of waiting on the Lord in prayer is equivalent to at least three days of fasting.

Make midnight prayer a habit and you will reap tremendous rewards. Be part of the end time army of Midnight Commanders.

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